PrizeRebel Review 2022 – Earn Money by Watching Videos, Taking Surveys and More

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PrizeRebel - Get free gift cards when you watch videos and take surveys online.

What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a type of Points/Rewards website where users earn Points by completing simple tasks, such as: watching videos, filling out surveys and other small tasks. The points that you earn can be redeemed for certain rewards such as Gift cards for Amazon/G2A/Visa, PayPal cash, Steam Wallet Cash and more. If you’re interested, Sign Up Here.

PrizeRebel Features


PrizeRebel has many different survey providers, each with their own pros and cons. For example, the Peanut Labs’ surveys are pretty easy/fast to complete, but don’t reward very many points on average. Here’s a little useful tip, some surveys will have a description of who they’re looking for, like women/men in a certain age range or location. If you find a survey like this, you will have a higher chance of being rewarded if you use this information when filling it out.

Offer Wall

The offer wall is another nice tool to use and earn points. It contains offers that you can browse and complete in your own time. The offers vary depending on which website / company the offer is from. Some offers just want you to sign up on a website, install an app or watch a video and answer a question or two.

Videos / Tasks

You can watch videos on the side while doing other things and earn, on average, .55 points for every 3 ads. This is a very nice tool to just earn passive points while doing other things or while you’re asleep. Tasks are handled by CrowdFlower and have you doing things like validating smartphone requests.

Loyalty Rewards

Levels: Users have “levels” from bronze to Diamond, each rank being better than the last and increasing your overall earnings. Here’s a snapshot of the tiers/rewards:
PrizeRebel Levels and Rewards Snapshot
Contests: Simply put, contests are way for users that go the extra mile and complete a lot of offers/tasks/surveys to earn extra points. There’s a leaderboard that shows the current leaders for each category. Once the contest ends, all the top users will be rewarded with points based on their ranking.
Daily Challenge: This is a way to earn a little extra points by earning a certain number of points within 24 hours.

Raffles / Lucky Numbers

Raffles: Users buy a raffle ticket in order to try and win a prize (usually gift cards), the more raffles you buy, the higher your chance of winning. Each ticket will cost you around .10 points and you can enter to win for multiple prizes.
Lucky Numbers: User’s buy a ticket, pick 4 numbers per ticket from 1-17 and at the end of the week the winning numbers are revealed. If you can match all 4 you win the jackpot.


Earn a 20% – 30% commission of all referral’s earnings for life, the rate increases based on your level. There are some banners you may choose from to add to your website/page as well.

Payout Rates

Every survey is different and you must qualify for the survey to get rewarded. The more the survey pays out the more difficult/long it will likely be. This isn’t a complete list of ways to earn points.

Offer Wall
Videos. (Every 3 ads)
1 – 500+
.5 – 700+
.55 (Unlimited)


Every 100 points is equal to $1.00 USD. The higher level you are the higher your prize discount and referral commission rate will be.
This isn’t a complete list of rewards.

1. PayPal Cash

2. Amazon Gift card

3. Walmart Gift Card 

4. Target

5. Steam Wallet Cash

Pros and Cons

  • Easy sign up.
  • Many rewards to pick from including withdrawing custom amounts to PayPal.
  • Rewards for users that work the hardest earning the most points.
  • Many ways to earn points.
  • Levels/tiers increase earnings and give you a goal to strive towards.
  • Website interface is easy to use and understand.
  • Surveys aren’t difficult or time consuming.
  • Raffles / lucky numbers lotteries to participate in.
  • Can watch videos to passively generate points when it’s working.
  • Can actually earn a nice profit if you put in the time.
  • You’ll disqualify from quite a few surveys which is to be expected from survey/reward sites like this.
  • The video watcher will sometimes freeze and stop playing videos. The most I earned was ~1.6 points before it froze on chrome.


If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra money in your down time, then I’d definitely recommend giving PrizeRebel a try. I spent about 15 minutes mostly idle and managed to earn $1.00. Don’t expect to join and make hundreds of dollars every day, because that most likely will not happen. But, if you’re like me and want some extra spending money to buy things from Amazon or Steam, give PrizeRebel a try.

Getting Started

  1. You’ll need to create a PrizeRebel account, click here to register.
  2. Take some surveys and watch videos to start earning points. It is advised to answer survey questions truthfully, but if you find yourself not qualifying, you may want to change some of your answers.
  3. Try and complete the daily challenges and surveys. Compete in some contests or enter a raffle/lucky number event.
  4. Some surveys will tell you exactly who they want taking them in their descriptions. When filling out these surveys, use information that they are looking for. For example, one medical survey was looking for women, 18-24, who had an illness such as psoriasis or asthma.

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