Daily Uploads Review 2022 – Make Money Online by Monetizing Your Files

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Daily Uploads - make money online every time someone downloads your files.

What is Daily Uploads?

Daily Uploads is a free file storage service that pays you when your files are downloaded or when a user purchases a premium account. Essentially it’s a Pay Per Download (PPD) website, but the visitors don’t have to complete a survey in order to download your files. This means you won’t earn as much per download as you would with a typical PPD site, but you will receive a lot more downloads. You may earn upwards of $16.00 USD per 1000 downloads. If you’re interested, Sign Up Here.

Daily Uploads Features

Uploading & Storage

You may upload many files at a time between 1 Byte – 4.5GB per file. Free accounts are only given 254GB of storage space. You can organize your files into folders, export and publish/unpublish them. Files will expire 30 days after the last download if they do not receive another download. The file will need to be at least 1 MB in size to be earn you money.

Daily Uploads Tools

Remote URL Upload: Enter up to 8 URLs that link to files to have them transferred to Daily Uploads. (http://domain.com/files.zip)
Copy Files: Copy files from another Daily Uploads account.
Link Checker: Checks Daily Uplaods URLs for availability.


Files are given unlimited bandwidth & downloads. Download speed does seem to be throttled at around 180 kb/s for unregistered users and 300kb/s for registered users. There is a download delay of 5 seconds for unregistered and 3 seconds for registered users. Also, a small “Download with Addons” box is ticked which the user will have to untick each time to avoid downloading spam/scam addons.


Earn 10% commission of all referrals’ earnings.

Withdrawing Earnings

You can request a withdrawal at anytime your earnings reach the minimum withdrawal amount. You may also use your current earnings to upgrade your account to premium.

Payout Rates

The payout rates are based on the visitor’s country. Visitors must completely download the file for it to count and can’t be using a proxy.

United Kingdom
United States
Average Rate:

*rates shown above are  for every 1000 complete downloads*

You can view all of their rates Here. The rates shown above may have changed since writing this, so be sure and check them for yourself.

Payment Methods

1. PayPal (Minimum: $25.00)

2. Skrill (Minimum: $25.00)

3. Webmoney (Minimum: $25.00)

Pros and Cons

  • Easy sign up and website looks very clean.
  • Can upload a lot of files (30+) at once.
  • Can upgrade your account to premium for 7 days for only $1.00.
  • 254 GB of storage space is nice for a free account.
  • Nice payout rates for U.K. / U.S.
  • Good maximum file size cap.
  • Not very many payout methods.
  • Hard to find specific & important information such as file expiration limits.
  • Contradictory information, ex: on one page they say they support Payza, but when selecting your payment processor, Payza isn’t on the list.
  • Very untrustworthy “Download with Addons” button that visitors will need to untick before downloading to avoid whatever malicious “Addons” they’re trying to trick you into downloading.
  • Unticking the “Addons” button, mentioned above, triggered a pop-up attempt.
  • Under their “Reports” section, it shows Premium Sales/Rebills, but I could find no information regarding a PPS service.
  • Download speed is throttled from what I could tell, meaning if your files are 1GB+ it would be very troublesome for people to download them.


Daily Uploads could definitely benefit from information being cleaned up, added and moved so users know exactly what they’re getting with their service. It almost feels as though they simply forgot to add key information or remove false information. Aside from that, everything else works. If your files aren’t very large and your visitors know to not download the “Addons” then you may like Daily Uploads.

Getting Started

  1. You’ll need to create a Daily Uploads account, click here to register.
  2. Now figure out what kind of files you’ll be uploading and sharing. Be sure no files violate their terms of service, copyright or other posted rules. You can upload files such as: your software, videos, guides and more.
  3. Now you just need to share your files with as many people as possible. It’s recommended to use use social media sites, YouTube, SEO etc.
  4. (Optional) Shrink your download links with a URL shortener such as Bit.ly, because some people may not click the link if they see a Daily Uploads URL. You may also shrink the download link with your favorite paying URL shortener to earn more.

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