CPA Build Review 2022 – Make Money Online by Locking Your Content

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CPA build- make money online by locking your content and links.

What is CPA Build?

CPA Build is a CPA (Cost per action) network that lets you lock your content behind offer walls- when an offer is completed you’ll get paid real money. CPA Build pays anywhere from $1.00 – $20.00+ USD per offer completion (aka lead), depending on where they live.

In order for the visitor to unlock your content they will have to fill out a short survey (or another action) with their personal information. You can monetize both mobile and desktop traffic. They also have a large variety of other monetization tools and features to help maximize conversions and profit. If you’re interested, Sign Up Here.

CPA Build Features

Content Locker

The content locker is simply the offer wall / locker that appears when a user tries to access your content. You can customize pretty much everything you want, even the css and HTML. There’s a nice short video guide available to help with building custom templates and lockers. There are basic/sample lockers that you may use or other people may make their custom lockers public for anyone to use.

Basic Templates

Templates are where things can get complicated, especially if you know nothing about html, css or JavaScript. There are some basic templates you can pick from such as: File lockers, mobile generators, gift cards, movies and more. The basic templates have limited customization and you can only edit some values such as background color/image and text.

Custom Templates

There’s a reason I gave this its own section, when selecting the template you wish to build on there’s one option that let’s you customize everything. The “Link Locker – Custom HTML” template allows you to edit everything, the html, css and JavaScript code. Some people choose to share their custom designs, but usually they aren’t very good. If you can learn some basics this is the option that will generate the most money.

Template Sharing

This is a very nice feature that allows users to share their creations, from content lockers to their templates. Once they’re made “Public” and approved by staff anyone can use them and make money. The best part is the original creator of the template also gets a commission every time a user earns money with their template/locker. So if you can make a decent template, you can generate passive income as people use your templates!


“Deploying” your landing pages or lockers to your site is made very simple with their deployment package. You simply download it and extract it where you want to, then all of your lockers and pages that you create can easily be accessed from your site. No need to edit any of your html every time you make a new locker! You can even edit the lockers and have the changes propagate your site without changing any code. They have a very nice tutorial on the deployment page as well.

Private URL

When deploying content lockers and landing pages on your own website, the URL generated by CPA Build looks very unprofessional. To fix this, you can make a private URL which will only work on your website. It change a link from “” to “”.


Monthly contests and events that are easy to enter and complete give users a little bonus in earnings.

Detailed Statistics

CPA Build gives its users access to all of the statistics they’ll ever need in order to maximize profits, target your audience effectively and to stay at the top of your niche. You can view everything from country breakdown, devices, locker reports and more.


Receive 5% commission on all referral’s earnings for life. You may even create a referral team and help each other out. CPA Build even gives you some referral banners to use on your blogs/pages.

Payment Methods

1. PayPal 

2. Payoneer

3. ACH (U.S. Banks only) 

4. International Wire Transfer 

5. Bitcoin 

Pros and Cons

  • Easy sign up and approval.
  • Website is very easy to navigate and earning stats are displayed in the header.
  • So many ways to customize lockers and templates.
  • Deploying your pages/lockers is made very simple and painless.
  • Can edit a template’s css, html and JavaScript.
  • Can share your own templates and make more money, just make sure it won’t affect your niche.
  • Support staff have a pretty fast response time.
  • Tutorials on basically everything you’d need to know.
  • Easy to get niche ideas based on the templates others are sharing.
  • Mobile traffic ready with both responsive design and mobile offers.
  • Can be confusing when you first start, especially learning all the different lockers and templates available.
  • Friends tried a couple surveys and reported that they were never-ending, so check it out for yourself to be sure surveys can actually be completed with relative ease.
  • The basic customization for non-custom templates is lacking in a lot of areas.
  • No forums that I could find.


CPA Build is definitely a network to watch out for. Many see a lot of success with them and I can see the potential they have. I don’t know any other CPA network currently that let’s you even edit the JavaScript for your templates and landing pages. That combined with the template sharing and painless website deployment makes me hope this network continues to grow and improve. If any of this sounds interesting or what you’re looking for then I highly suggest giving CPA Build a try.

Getting Started

  1. You’ll need to create an account, click here to register.
  2. Now you will need to figure out your niche and find something that you’ll want to monetize. (More on choosing a niche below.)
  3. Now you need to figure out who your target audience is going to be and how you’re going to reach them. (More on promoting your content below)
  4. Have you got all of that figured out? Great! Now it’s time to decide how you will present your content / links to your audience. It is usually recommended to make a website or blog to advertise your content and links instead of sharing direct links from something like a video’s description.
  5. (Optional, but recommended in most cases) Making a website can be tricky for beginners and can cost some money if you buy hosting and a domain name. However, there are free website builders / hosting that make things easier such as: Blogger, Weebly and Webs to name a few.

Choosing Your Niche

A niche is just a subject or area where one’s skills are best suited for. This is critical if you want to succeed on any CPA network. Imagine you are one of the best programmers in the industry and decide you want to make some extra money with a CPA network. People are more likely to complete a survey to download your programming files/tutorials than if you were just some random beginner. Now this doesn’t mean if you don’t have specialty skills like in the example that you can’t succeed on a CPA network, it means you’ll just have to spend more time finding and perfecting your niche.

When looking for a Niche, it is important to pick something that people actively search for and want. You can use free tools like Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to find out if our niche is in demand. The more popular your niche, the more competition you’re likely to have and the harder it will be to get your site ranked well by search engines.

Here are just a few examples of niches that people use, just to give you some ideas. Please note that these niche’s most likely are overcrowded and we don’t support or condone any illegal activities. Be sure and read your chosen network’s terms of use and any legal documentation before using their services.

  • Writing eBooks about various subjects (game guides, tutorials, how-to’s, etc).
  • Creating & uploading your own software.
  • Cheat codes, guides or tutorials for popular video games.
  • Making your own apps for mobile devices.
  • Locking password downloads.

Promoting Your Content

There are many ways to go about promoting your content and driving viewers to your websites and download links. It is important to know your target audience and how you’re going to reach them. The most popular ways of getting your links out there are: Video Sharing Sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc), Forums, Torrents and Social Media.
Once you know how you’re going to reach them, it’s time to set up how you’re going to get them to even consider downloading your content – especially if it’s locked behind a offer wall. My recommendation here is to set up a website of some kind, it can be a free website / blog such as blogger or weebly. Make it look as professional as you can and create some pages for your content. If it looks like you’ve put more effort into it, users will be much more likely to complete a survey for your content.

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