Bc.vc Review 2022 – Make Money Online by Shrinking and Sharing Links

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What is Bc.vc?

Bc.vc is a paying URL shortener that pays the user every time someone clicks on their shortened links. It works likes this, advertisers pay bc.vc to promote their stuff, you shrink a long URL such as: “http://incomeredefined.com/adfly-review-make-money-sharing-links” to “http://bc.vc/DRY3usx“. Then you share the link and once it’s clicked, the advertisement is shown and you get paid. If you’re interested, Sign Up Here.

Bc.vc Features

Link Shortening & Customization

You may select between interstitial advertisements, framed banners or no advertisements. You may also select a custom name for your links, but not the actual shortened URL characters.

Bc.vc Tools

Mass URL Shrinker: Shrink up to 20 URLs at a time.
Easy Link: Shrink links without needing to be logged in.
Full Page Script: Lets you shrink all/most of the links on your website.
API: For developers to easily integrate link shrinking into their applications and other projects.
Google Analytics: Integrates your bc.vc stats into your Analytics dashboard.


Allows you to buy advertising for your website/product which drive traffic to whatever you want to promote. Every URL shortener that allows advertising have different rules when it comes to advertising, so be sure to read everything before purchasing. At the time of this review, they aren’t allowing anyone to purchase advertising. You may still view their packages here.


The statistics are quite average, giving you most of the information a publisher could need. The stats are updated in real-time or at least very close to real-time.

Automatic Payouts

Get paid once your earnings reach the minimum withdrawal amount for the payment processor you’ve chosen.


You get 10% of every referral’s earnings for life. They offer referral banners that you can use on your websites/blogs/pages.

Payout Rates

Payout rates for URL shorteners are usually mainly based on Unique Visitors, Visitor’s Location, Ad-Blockers, Advertiser Specs/Orders and some other factors. Each URL shortener may handle these factors/policies differently which means your earnings could vary greatly from one URL shortening service to another. As a general rule-of-thumb, you should expect to earn around $0.60 – $2.00 per 1000 views for most URL shorteners. But it is very possible to earn hundreds of dollars from URL shorteners with enough work and effort.

United Arab Emirates
United States
United Kingdom
Unique Mobile CPM:
Unique Web CPM:

*rates shown above are for every 1000 unique visitors*

You can view all of their rates Here. The rates shown above may have changed since writing this, so be sure and check them for yourself.

Payment Methods

1. PayPal (Minimum: $10.00)

Pros and Cons

  • Decently high mobile rates.
  • Easily navigable website
  • No intrusive pop-up ads when clicking the skip ad button.
  • You can select your ad-type.
  • Lets users advertise with them.
  • Automatic payouts.
  • Many malicious advertisements such as pop-ups redirects etc.
  • Need to add personal information before being able to shrink a link.
  • Site isn’t very appealing to the eye.
  • Statistics are lacking and could use more detail and a typo fix.
  • No way to organize links.
  • VERY limited payout methods.
  • Rates aren’t very great when compared to other services.


Bc.vc does what it’s supposed to and if the majority of your traffic is mobile, this shortener may work for you. However, I wouldn’t recommend using bc.vc over other URL shorteners . There are quite a number of pop-ups your users will have to struggle through to get to your links.

Getting Started

  1. You’ll need to create a bc.vc account, click here to register.
  2. Now figure out what kind of links you will be shrinking and how you plan on sharing them. Example: you can shrink links to a funny video or picture and post that link on your social media accounts.
  3. Paste the long URL in the appropriate area and hit “Shrink”. Copy and share the link to start earning.
  4. (Optional) Shrink your bc.vc link with another URL shortener such as Bit.ly to hide that your link is a bc.vc link – increasing the amount of clicks you’ll receive.

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