Tellwut Review 2022 – Make Money by Taking Surveys Online

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Tellwut - Make money by taking surveys, answering polls and referring friends. Get free gift cards, movie vouchers and more.

What is Tellwut?

Tellwut is a paying online survey community where users can complete or create surveys and/or polls, all while earning money. The surveys & polls typically take under 30 seconds to complete. This website is only available to residents of U.S. or Canada. If you’re interested, Sign Up Here.

Tellwut Features

Surveys & Polls

Tellwut’s surveys and polls are usually quite short and easy to complete. The polls can be created by any user and once they’re approved, other users can answer take the poll to earn some points. This means that you too can create your own surveys/polls. Creating an approved public survey will also earn you some points, but there’s a limit of 2 surveys per week for unapproved survey publishers.

External Surveys

These surveys have the highest earning potential of everything Tellwut offers. These are simply surveys that third-party survey companies create/manage and have Tellwut send “invites” to members who match the demographics the survey creator is targeting. You will find these surveys on the “Available Surveys” page.


You’ll receive 25 points once the user verifies their account. I cannot find any information on earning a percentage of each referral’s earnings, so I’m assuming you only get the flat 25 points one time.

Payout Rates

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 (4,000 pts). For some cards, they will be physically mailed to your address while others can be e-mailed to you- be sure to read each one to check on how it will be delivered.

Tellwut Poll/Survey
External Survey
Creating a public survey
Account Creation
Providing Personal Information
Refer a friend
5-15 pts.
25-2000 pts.
10-20 pts.
100 pts.
150 pts.
25 pts.

Payment Method

This isn’t a complete list of rewards

1. Amazon Gift Cards

2. Best Buy Gift Cards

3. Target Gift Cards

4. Walmart Gift Cards

5. Game Stop Gift Cards

6. Various Restaurant Gift Cards

Pros and Cons

  • Easy Sign-up.
  • Quite a lot of rewards to pick from.
  • Polls / surveys are easy to complete and fast.
  • Can create your own surveys. (if they get approved)
  • Their support team seems to be quite efficient.
  • Earnings are very low compared to other survey sites out there.
  • No way to withdraw straight into cash/check/PayPal.
  • Have to wait to get approved for external surveys which would be inconsistent at best.
  • Site navigation is clunky and confusing most of the time.
  • The website feels very bland and basic.
  • Referrals only earn you a flat 25 points as far as I can tell, which is very low. I found no information confirming that you’ll be paid a percentage of your referral’s earnings.


I can’t imagine someone earning more than a dollar per day on this site on average, so I wouldn’t recommend making this your primary survey site. Instead I would recommend using the bulk of your free time on another survey site, while occasionally logging into to Tellwut to take a couple polls and check for those external surveys.

Getting Started

  1. You’ll need to create a Tellwut account, click here to register. 
  2. Be sure to fill out any information such as your personal information and shipping info. This will not only ensure your rewards reach you, but will also let Tellwut start matching you with any external surveys when they become available.
  3. Answer any and all polls/surveys you can daily and check for any external surveys.
  4. Create your own polls for extra points, read the FAQ to see what they look for in a good poll.

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