Points2Shop Review 2022 – Earn Money by Watching Videos, Taking Surveys and More

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Points2Shop - Get free gift cards when you watch videos and take surveys online.

What is Points2Shop?

Points2Shop is a type ofGPT rewards website where users earn Points by completing simple tasks, such as: watching videos, filling out surveys and other small tasks. The points that you earn can be spent on certain rewards such as Gift cards for Amazon/Steam/Visa, PayPal cash, Groceries and more. If you’re interested, Sign Up Here.

Points2Shop Features


Points2Shop has many different survey providers, each with their own pros and cons. I recommends trying multiple survey providers to see which  you like the most. Points2Shop has a “Quality Score” system for their surveys which helps make sure that users enter in genuine information. You can read more about their quality scoring system below.

Videos / Tasks

Some earning offer providers such as “OfferToro” has a “VideoLab” offer which rewards you with 1 point for every 15 minutes of video watched. You can watch these videos all day 24/7 to earn extra points. OfferToro also rewards points for doing simple tasks like installing an app or game or printing out coupons!

Games / Lottery

At the time of this review they have 3 “games”- Spin2Win, Solitaire and Number Limbo. You need points to play and can earn a fair amount of points and other rewards. Points2Shop also runs a weekly lottery, to get tickets to enter you will have to get them from the Spin2Win Game.

Quality Score

This feature determines whether or not a user’s survey information is accurate by having them answer quality control questions. If this score gets too low then users may instantly disqualify for certain surveys or have actions taken against their account. You start with a score of 100, you gain 1 point for every completed offer and lose 5 points when you fail a quality check.

Loyalty Rewards

Levels: Levels are milestones that users achieve by meeting the requirements for that level. They go from New User to Legend and there’s a total of 8 levels. Each level gives the user new bonuses or quality of life improvements such as instant PayPal payments.
Contests: There are monthly contests for just about every aspect of Points2Shop such as Referral Contests, points, money and merits. 
Sweepstakes: Sweepstake entries are earned when you do not qualify for a survey or by playing Spin2Win. When earned, they automatically enter you to win the current sweetpstakes.


Earn a 15% commission of all Level 1 referral’s earnings for life, 3% for Level 2 and 2% for Level 3. Level 1 are referrals that join under your referral link, level 2 are your referral’s referrals and so on for level 3. You also can earn $1.00 when referrals from certain countries sign up and complete their first offer.

Payout Rates

Every survey is different and you must qualify for the survey to get rewarded. The more the survey pays out the more difficult/long it will likely be. This isn’t a complete list of ways to earn points. This is just a rough estimate of the payout rates.

Videos. (Every 15 minutes)
10 – 200 points / $0.50 – $2
1 point
3 – 75 points

Every 100 points is roughly equal to $.90 – $1.00 USD.


This isn’t a complete list of rewards.

1. PayPal Cash

2. Gift Cards (Amazon, Steam, Visa, iTunes etc.)

3. Electronics (prepaid phones, cameras, kindle, etc.)

4. Furniture (Bed quilts, Chairs Dressers, etc.)

5. Video Games / Consoles (Nintendo Switch, Madden, etc.)

Pros and Cons

  • Easy sign up.
  • Many rewards to pick from including withdrawing custom amounts to PayPal.
  • Rewards hard working users.
  • Many ways to potentially earn points.
  • Leveling up your account can increase your earnings and offer users goals/milestones to aim for.
  • Surveys aren’t difficult or time consuming.
  • Contests / Events/ Games and Lotteries to participate in.
  • Can actually earn a nice profit if you put in the time.
  • Live chat is nice when you need help with something small quickly.
  • Support staff is friendly and pretty fast.
  • You’ll disqualify from quite a few surveys which is to be expected from survey/reward sites like this.
  • There’s a “Quality Score” system which detects if you’re moving too fast and giving inaccurate answers. This can be a pro as well, but it can definitely limit how many surveys you can qualify for.
  • The website needs a lot of improvement both in usability and design/aesthetics.
  • The website feels very broken, by that I mean on some pages they have show your account’s information like points/cash/merits/level and then on the rest of the pages that information just vanishes. This means for me to quickly see that information I have to return to that page.


Points2Shop used to be the “go to” site for taking surveys and getting paid for them. It still has a seemingly healthy user base, but I cannot ignore the way the website looks and feels. There are plenty of other sites out there that do the same thing and are, in my opinion, much better. Points2Shop isn’t the worst and it does serve its purpose, but I cannot recommend it over other sites like Prize Rebel.

Getting Started

  1. You’ll need to create a Points2Shop account, click here to register.
  2. Take some surveys and watch videos to start earning points. It is advised to answer survey questions truthfully, but if you find yourself not qualifying, you may want to change some of your answers.
  3. Always be competing in any challenges or events as well as playing Spin2Win.
  4. Some surveys will tell you exactly who they want taking them in their descriptions. When filling out these surveys, use information that they are looking for. For example, one medical survey was looking for women, 18-24, who had an illness such as psoriasis or asthma.

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