PaidViewpoint Review 2022 – Get Paid to Take Surveys Online

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PaidViewpoint - Get paid to take surveys online

What is PaidViewpoint?

PaidViewpoint is a paying online survey provider that, unlike most other survey sites, promises to never disqualify you from any survey. Instead when they receive a survey they send out invites to their members, if you’re invited to complete it you won’t get disqualified. Each survey is purposefully limited to keep the questions and answers as short and simple as possible. If you’re interested, Sign Up Here.

PaidViewpoint Features


PaidViewpoint handles surveys quite differently from most other survey sites.

Market Research Surveys – these are the the surveys that will earn you the most money, but there’s a monthly cap on how many you can receive. So, be sure and complete these as soon as possible. If you get one of these, you don’t have to worry about disqualifying mid-survey. PaidViewpoint tries their best to keep these surveys as short, simple and painless as possible.
Trait Surveys – these surveys are offered semi-frequently and determine what your TraitScore is. They do not pay much themselves, but a high TraitScore will increase your earning potential.


“TraitScore” or “TrustScore” is a metric that PaidViewpoint uses to measure a user’s consistency and honesty when answering questions. This lets them weed out users who don’t read the questions or answer honestly. TraitScore determines the maximum amount of surveys you receive per month and how much you earn from each one. You can take Trait Surveys which are made available semi-frequently to increase your score, thus increasing overall earnings. You should always do these when available.


Earn a 20% commission of all referral’s earnings when they cash out. You can earn the 20% commission without having to wait for them to cash out by becoming a VIP community builder. To do this you need to have 100+ active referrals/friends to apply.

Payout Rates

From what others report, it usually takes around 3-7 months to receive/complete enough surveys to reach the $15 minimum required to withdraw. This heavily depends on your TraitScore and demographics as well.

Market Research Survey
Trait Survey
$0.50 – $2.00
$0.03 – $0.10

Payment Method

1. PayPal (Minimum: $15.00)

Pros and Cons

  • Never get disqualified from a survey.
  • Surveys have limitations in place to keep them as short and easy as possible. For example, the maximum number of open-ended questions that a single survey can have is limited and certain complex questions are outright forbidden.
  • Website is kept simple with minimal text which makes navigating a breeze.
  • TrustScore system is a nice log-in incentive and long-term goal to strive for.
  • Phone number required to sign-up and to cash out for the first time, landline and mobile are both supported.
  • Available surveys are few and far between. They claim that increasing your TraitScore will increase survey availability as well as earnings for completion.
  • Users report that it took months before they were offered enough surveys to reach $15.00 USD.
  • Referral commission is only paid once they withdraw, which can take a long time.


This website isn’t going to be your primary source of online-survey-driven income. They keep their surveys as short and easy as possible, so I would recommend just logging in daily to check for new surveys. I would also definitely find another paying survey website to use once you run out of surveys for the day. You may want to check out my reviews for PrizeRebel and Swagbucks.

Getting Started

  1. You’ll need to create a PaidViewpoint account, click here to register. You’ll need a phone to verify your account.
  2. Be sure to answer every question as candidly and honestly as possible.
  3. Complete all Trait Surveys to increase TraitScore and check your email regularly or just log in periodically to check for new surveys.
  4. Be patient, you may not receive a survey for a day or two. Don’t expect to make $15 per day.

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