Mega4up Review 2022 – Should you try Mega4up?

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mega4up review

What is Mega4up?

Mega4up is a PPD website where you can earn money whenever someone downloads your files. Your visitors will not have to complete any surveys for you to earn money. Also, you should know most of the information is gathered from what they provide on the website, I cannot verify every number/claim. Their website is only around 2 years old. They claim you can earn up to $10 per 1000 downloads. If you’re interested, you can sign up here.

Mega4up Features

Uploading & Storage

Free Accounts: Get ~ 183GB of storage and unlimited download traffic per day. Max file size is limited to ~ 3Gb per file. Files are deleted 150 days after the last download, meaning if your file doesn’t receive a download in 150 days it will be erased. Free downloaders will also have to sit through a 30 second wait timer.

Premium Accounts: ~$9.99 per month. Unlimited storage and unlimited download bandwidth per day. Max file size is set to 99Gb per file. Files for premium accounts are never deleted.

Organization: You are given the ability to move files into already premade “folders” but I couldn’t find any way to create your own. You can search for your files so I don’t think you should have many organization issues.


Files are given unlimited bandwidth for downloads per day for all account types, or so they claim. They also claim downloads from the same device can count up to 5 times per day. Again I cannot confirm this other than take them at their word. When I tested their download speed, I could only manage around 250 kb/s which is painfully slow.

Mega4up App

They have an app for desktop and Google Play store that will allow you to essentially do anything you could from their website, but on a mobile device or desktop application. I’m going to go ahead and recommend that you just avoid downloading and installing anything from this website, just to be safe.

Profit Modes

Mega4up lets you pick what they call a “Profit Mode” meaning you can decide how you want to earn your money. You can either earn the bulk of your money from downloads, from users or referrals buying premium or a mix of both. It should be noted you’ll still earn money from referral commission regardless of your chosen profit mode.

PPD: 100% earnings from downloads 15% of any premium sales.
40% from downloads and 60% from premium sales.
50% from downloads and 50% from sales.


Earn 10% commission of all referrals’ earnings for life.

Withdrawing Earnings

You can request a withdrawal at anytime your earnings reach the minimum withdrawal amount for your preferred payment method. You may also use your current earnings to upgrade your account to premium. Their minimum withdrawal amount can from as low as $1 to up to $50 depending on your chosen payment processor.

Payout Rates

The payout rates are based on the visitor’s country and the size of the file they’re downloading. Visitors must completely download the file for it to count and can’t be using a proxy. Just use these numbers as a rough guide.

United States
United Kingdom
Average Rate:

*rates shown above are  for every 1000 complete downloads*

You can view all of their rates Here. The rates shown above may have changed since writing this, so be sure and check them for yourself.

Payment Methods

Mega4up has quite a huge amount of payment methods and the minimum withdrawal amount quite low, ranging from $1 to up to $50 depending on preferred payment method. This is not all of their payment methods.

PayPal, Payeer, WebMoney, Payoneer, Perfect Money, Skrill, Neteller, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Pros and Cons

  • Many payment methods.
  • The website looks nice, it’s a shame there are so many typos and poor grammar.
  • Decent amount of storage space. (183GB)
  • Can upgrade to premium using your account’s profits.
  • Decent payout rates.
  • According to their FAQ, downloads will count 5 times from the same device.
  • Spelling/grammar errors all over the place.
  • Conflicting information is also a problem. For example, the values for their profit mode in the dashboard is different from their “make money” page.
  • Cannot create your own folders or at least it’s not made apparent how to create them.
  • Some UI elements in the website are either broken, bugged or just poorly designed.
  • There’s literally a “test” payment option visible to signed in users that was clearly made to test that UI element and then forgotten about, somehow.
  • My download speed was throttled to 250kb/s. This would not be a good service to use for large files.
  • Pop up attempts and even alerts from Kaspersky when trying to download WITH AdBlock and a Pop Up Blocker Extension running.


There are so many things wrong that could easily be fixed if the developer of the website would just put in the effort and time required. It’s hard to understand how some of these mistakes get overlooked. The only thing I can assume is perhaps they show a different version of the website to English speakers, and they don’t ever check to make sure that everything is working/looking as intended. Not to mention the aggressive and probably malicious pop-ups that they use even after forcing visitors to sit through a 30 second timer. I wouldn’t recommend anyone use this website for the time being.

Getting Started

  1. You’ll need to create a Mega4up account, click here to register.
  2. Now figure out what kind of files you’ll be uploading and sharing. Be sure no files violate their terms of service, copyright or other posted rules. You can upload files such as: your software, videos, guides and more.
  3. Now you just need to share your files with as many people as possible. It’s recommended to use use social media sites, YouTube, SEO etc.
  4. (Optional) Shrink your download links with a URL shortener such as, because some people may not click the link if they see a Mega4up URL. You may also shrink the download link with your favorite paying URL shortener to earn more.

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