InboxDollars Review 2022 – Make Money by Watching Videos, Taking Surveys and More

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InboxDollars - Make money taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, searching and more.

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) reward site that offers users many ways to earn money online. You can complete surveys, watch videos, search the web and shop all while earning money. You can withdraw your earnings to a prepaid Visa card or other popular gift cards. If you’re interested, Sign Up Here.

InboxDollars Features

Surveys / Offers

Surveys are the most common way that users earn money on reward sites. Be sure that you answer your profile/household/interests surveys as well so you can qualify for better surveys in the future. Near the bottom of the survey page, you can find the above mentioned profile surveys as well as Peanut Lab/TapResearch surveys. These are generally easier and faster to complete than a typical survey, but they have a daily limit.
Offers are another core tool to most reward sites and reward users when they perform certain tasks like signing up on another site, installing software or buying something. This is a good way to get some cash back for services like a Hulu membership or shopping on

TV & Videos / Games

TV is a very easy way to earn some scratch off progress while letting videos just autoplay in the background, however there is a limit to how many you may watch per day.
Videos are offers where users will visit a third-party site and watch all necessary videos and complete any other required task to earn a very small amount of money.
Games let you earn points while playing games like bejeweled 2, solitaire, casino games and more – all from your browser.

Search / Deals

Search allows you to earn scratch off progress by simply searching like you would with google. Once you’ve searched 4 times for that day, you’ll be rewarded with some scratch off progress. If you search for 4 days within a week you’ll also get $.05 as a bonus.
Deals is a way for you to earn some cash back while shopping. On the deals page you’ll find groupons, coupons and InboxDollar’s shopping section.

Scratch Off

The scratch off is a prize reward system that has three stages, “$”, “$$” and “$$$”. As you fill up the progress bar you will have the chance to win a higher amount at each stage, up to $100. To win, you simply have to scratch off the gray squares and match the values in three squares to win the amount shown within the squares. Whenever you choose to scratch, the progress bar will be reset. To fill up the progress bar, you will have to do some of the following activities: Spin & Win, Winits, Learn & Earn, TV and Search.

Spin & Win / Winits

Spin & Win is a little bonus feature that can earn you some scratch off progress, .25 survey tokens or $.25, $1.00 or $5.00 cash. You get spins when you disqualify for a survey and can only have a maximum of 100 spins reserved at one time. You may also only spin 20 times per day.
Winits are codes announced on InboxDollar’s social media accounts that reward users with some cash. The codes do expire after some time, so you’ll need to check their accounts often.


Earn a 10% commission of every referral’s earnings for life, there are some referral banners to choose from as well.

Payout Rates

Every survey is different and you must qualify for the survey to get rewarded. The more the survey pays out the more difficult/long it will likely be. This isn’t a complete list and the earnings are roughly estimated.

Scratch Off
$0.25 – $1.00+
$0.10 – $15.00+
Scratch off progress
$0.05 Weekly + Scratch off Progress
$.10 per coupon printed
$0.75 – $5.00+
1.5% – 4% cash back on purchases
$0.02 – $100


You may request a payout once you reach $30 USD in earnings. They use a service called “Tango” to handle their “ECards”.
This isn’t a complete list of rewards.

1. Prepaid Visa Card

2. Amazon Gift ECard

3. Best Buy Gift ECard 

4. Target ECard

5. Check

Pros and Cons

  • Easy sign up.
  • Many ways to earn money.
  • Can do some tasks in the background and earn some scratch off progress.
  • $5 sign up bonus.
  • Rewards users even when they disqualify for surveys.
  • Website is easy to navigate, works well and has enough information and explanations to help new users understand what they need to know.
  • Enough bonuses to keep users interested (winits, scratch off and spin and win) and coming back.
  • Required earnings needed to withdraw is fairly high.
  • Can only withdraw earnings into an ECard/VISA card or by check. Would’ve liked to see a PayPal option at least.
  • The estimated time needed for some surveys are between 15-20 minutes while only rewarding users with a meager $.25 – $.50.


I love that InboxDollars gives their users just about as many ways to earn money as possible. Their surveys felt a little more of a waste of time than some other sites that I’ve reviewed, but aside from that, InboxDollars is definitely a strong choice. I would recommend trying them, as i’m sure if you utilize all of their features you could earn some decent money.

Getting Started

  1. You’ll need to create a InboxDollars account, click here to register.
  2. Be sure to complete your Profile, Interests and Household surveys to make sure you qualify for bigger and better surveys. You can always update this information if your circumstances change.
  3. Some surveys will outright give away what they’re looking for, whether it be someone with asthma or someone that watches a lot of TV. I’m not saying you should lie, in fact I would recommend avoiding giving false information as your account could potentially be terminated.
  4. Be sure to utilize every tool at your disposal. Print coupons, watch TV, search daily and scratch off when you reach the desired stage.

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